Ring Sun Machinery has more than 30 years experience in the designing and manufacturing of chip Conveyor and material handling conveyor systems. The knowledge we have gained in standard operating procedures and product quality control experience has allowed us to offer our domestic and overseas customers with best solutions for a variety of conveyor requirements. In addition, we also carry out a number of digital simulation tests before hand in order to test our conveyor system functionality and compatibility with various applications. This will eliminate potential problems, and save you money.

Ring Sun Machinery also has a fantastic service team. They are equipped to supply customers with technology information, pre-sales analysis, sales-integrated instructions, and after-sales tracking services. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and we strive to offer a comprehensive range of services from pre-sale services to post-sale services. Our services include:

Pre-sale services

01Provide technology information and optimized plan

02Propose the product design

03Present the quotation

The sale services

01Complete product service for customer’s requirement

02Production, quality control, short delivery time

03Machine inspection before shipment

Post-sale services

01Post-sale installation

02Post-sale follow up

03Quality assured, parts supply, and machine instruction manual

Quality Service

Ring Sun Machinery has a professional design team to provide customized Conveyor and plant planning conveyor system services. With our extensive inspection and testing methods, we will provide total solutions for our customers to make sure that their output performance and production quality is realized.

Professional and technical know-how

Customized conveyor design

Plant planning and design

Quality assurance inspection

4C+1T Quality control management process

In order to assure the quality of completed products, Ring Sun Machinery has the following basic inspection procedure before shipment.


Correct dimensions


Correct weld and anti-leakage


Correct coating and testing the paint adhesion by using cross-cut method


Correct quality and internal check to make sure all parts comply with customer requirements


Testing and running test before delivery

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