Taipei International Machine Tool Show from 15 to 20 March 2021

TIMTOS website
The physical exhibition of 2021 Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) has been postponed. Those nearly 1,000 exhibitors previously registered for TIMTOS 2021 have now shifted gears to deploy themselves for online booths so that their new products can be showcased through digital technology from March 15 to 20, aiming to break time and space constraints to seamlessly connect with global buyers.

In response to such needs, the organizers, TAITRA and TAMI have extended the registration deadline to March 5 for exhibitors wishing to upgrade their online booths.

Among exhibitors topping 1,000, the TIMTOS 2021 Online, will include more than 60 from 15 overseas countries. As a result, many foreign buyers have also pre-registered this online exhibition, including those enthusiastic buyers from major exporting countries such as Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, India and Australia. Meanwhile, the number of pre-registered buyers from Japan, South Korea and the United States has also been rapidly increasing.

Exhibitors of TIMTOS 2021 Online can interact with global buyers and promote their products through video meeting appointments, TIMTOS Factory Live, TIMTOS Studio and other activities during the online exhibition. Among them, the TIMTOS Factory Live, in particular, is a most welcomed free value-added service specially launched by the organizers for platinum-level and diamond-level online exhibitors.

TIMTOS 2021 Online, which brings exhibitors and buyers the most unique user experience in visiting the trade show, will be launched on March 15 this year. Those upgraded exhibitors will enjoy richer marketing and sales promotion services, making it easier for their products to catch the eyeballs of domestic and foreign visitors. Therefore, the organizers have been receiving a surging number of inquiries to upgrade online booths, showing that exhibitors have been grasping the last upgrade opportunity. For more information, stay tuned to and social media.